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All New and Shiny!

I have to admit I've been putting off updating my website for quite some time. I'm a knifemaker dammit not a web designer. These days it seems you need to be able to do it all, unless you have the cash to pay someone else to do the things outside of your wheelhouse.

So here I am, re-creating the website myself and typing up my first blog. A veritable vestal virgin, and this is my cherry popping post.

Meh - It's not as exciting as I thought. Quite overrated in fact. Perhaps it will get to be more fun the better I get at it - just like sex.

Why the new site?

I won't bore you with the details, but I needed to enhance my web presence and make my site more accessible on mobile devices. This new version will be easier to update and manage and I can keep the knife pics and portfolio fresh.

So what's going to be in this Blog?

Damned if I know - everyone just keeps asking me if I have a blog. And I get funny looks if I say that I do not. In my mind blogs are for writers, or people who have loads to say. Turns out I have loads to say, I'm just not sure who would want to read it.

Initially I'll be posting my experiences, tips and pitfalls in knifemaking - titled "Adventures in Steel". Catchy huh? Thought of that all by my self. (I have a smug look on my face now in case you were wondering). It might just turn out to be a lot of venting and swearing - but I promise I will try to post some constructive and useful information. If not useful then at least funny, or sad, or both.

The other category will have a commentary on knives in general. Opinions are like assholes - everybody has one, and as it turns out I have quite a few. Some of these opinions are quite strong and some are sort of "what....?" Regardless of their inherent value I will spew them forth here for all to peruse. Some readers may get offended, others may agree with me, and some might even grab cardboard and marker pens to make signs and picket my shop. I'm hoping for the latter. It will make for interesting days here on the cutting edge.

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